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Creating platforms to help people of color pave their way to financial freedom.

The Financial Legacy Academy is a financial literacy program designed to help people of color build and maintain generational wealth. We consider the financial challenges of each individual and build action plans to help them achieve their goals. In this program, you will learn how to handle debt, protect your wealth, invest in assets that build passive income, and build a legacy!

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There are a lot of financial programs available to people, but FLA is unique because it is built with people of color in mind.


Hear the stories of other individuals and families that have benefited from our Financial Legacy Academy. 



Hi, I am Joseph Nyamwange, and I am the founder of Nyamwange Investments. Being a black man in America comes with challenges unique to our culture. As fathers in this era, we have an opportunity to set a different example for our children and the women in our lives.

At Nyamwange Investments, we help people Secure Financial Freedom And Build Financial Legacy As A Black Community.


The Debt Burden Management

Understanding how to manage and eliminate debt is the first step in building wealth. Learn what generations before us didn’t know.

Investing in the Stock Market

If you are interested in the stock market you will receive a wealth of knowledge from us. We will also give you the realistic support you need.

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

In this lesson, you'll learn the best way to master the real-estate market. Helping you speed up your family’s wealth and legacy.


Start your business the right way and this course creates a path for you to follow on your journey to get successful business ownership.

Discover Your Legacy 

Build the strong legacy your children deserve by gaining the knowledge you need about wealth generation. Help create a secure future through financial literacy.

Marriage & Money 

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of managing money with a partner. Let money be a source of strength and fulfillment in your marriage.

Learn the 5 Types of Wealth

There’s more than one way to build wealth. We’ll teach you 5 so you can choose the best path for you.

4 Pillars of Financial Legacy

Creating a financial Legacy depends on 4 strong pillars. Learn them here so you can achieve financial stability for generations to come.

Protecting Your

Protecting your wealth is the most important thing after building your wealth. Understand how to do it the right way.

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In-Depth Video Modules

This course is full of video modules, quizzes and exercises you can do right now to advance your skills in the marketplace. Increase your mindset and you will increase your income.

Private Facebook Community

We learn best when we can receive feedback and support, which is why we have created a private Facebook group to post your wins, struggles and questions to get immediate support from your coaches and peers.

Financial Assessment

You will get the full financial assessment help from the Nyamange Foundation. You can get help handling the upcoming problems you will face.

Budget & Savings Planning

Have you wanted to create a practical budget for your household but didn't know how to get started? Do you have a budget but struggle to stick to it? Is your savings account as empty as it was a year ago because you find it difficult to save? This tool will help you systematically organize your expenses and follow a savings plan that accommodates your current income.